Peter Noble Darrow’s book Wise Millennial: A Field Guide to Thriving in Modern Life helps fill a void in a niche that needs more books on how to be a Millennial and fewer on how to manage them. Using first-person experiences as a springboard for savvy advice, Darrow admits up front his privileged upbringing, which he says worked to his disadvantage. Rather than focusing on how business administrators can manage Millennials, Darrow teaches readers how to manage themselves without losing their identity.

Darrow understands his peers and his writing style will appeal to his target audience. The book includes many photographs from the author’s own experiences and Millennial readers will easily relate. He has arranged his advice in seven categories: wisdom, health, wealth, sociality, resilience, adventure, and instruction. If there is any area of your life you are struggling with, Darrow has likely covered it in this comprehensive treatise. One advantage of the book’s arrangement is that you can read any chapter at random; there is no need to read each chapter in the order it is presented. That in itself should appeal to Darrow’s readers!  

Wise Millennial: A Field Guide to Thriving in Modern Life is a sorely needed positive shot in the arm for a generation under fire. Any reader will definitely walk away wiser.

- Nonfiction Authors Association Book Awards Program. Read the original review.

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Peter Darrow