Who the hell is peter darrow?

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m a millennial raised in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, a unique experience in and of itself. Within this storied geography, I went to elite private schools and grew up with plenty of privilege—but that affluence came at a cost to my psychological health. I earned an MBA in entrepreneurship from Babson College in 2014, and the following year, I founded “Darrow’s Farm Fresh” in Union Square, a farm-to-table restaurant. In my mid-twenties, my quarter-life crisis came packaged with my parents’ divorce and remarriages, their dual cancer diagnoses, my father’s subsequent death, inheriting and burning through a shit ton of money, and losing my girlfriend and my newly founded restaurant business—all in the course of three hellish years.

I am on a new path…

I am passionate about encouraging others to break free from limiting beliefs and outdated values so that together my generation can create a happier, healthier, more beneficial society.