A ‘Millennial Liberator’

“I want to empower other young people to detach from the messed-up values we downloaded from society and our overachieving, conforming parents and encourage them to develop a strong and healthy sense of self, something terribly lacking in today’s world.”


“The millennial generation is reminiscent of the baby boom generation: it is already wielding enormous influence over every facet of American culture, society, politics, and economics—and yet, it is poorly if at all understood by the generations that preceded it. In Wise Millennial, Peter N. Darrow offers insights based on hard-won personal experience and assiduous academic study that make the thoughts, dreams, wants, and desires of the millennial generation understandable at long last.”

— Harry Hurt III, award-winning journalist and author of Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald J. Trump

“Millennials are given a bad rap—lazy, entitled, generally bad at life. But my generation is so much stronger and wiser than you might think, and Wise Millennial proves that! Peter gives an inside take that’s alternatively hilarious, poignant, and inspiring for millennials and the people who love them.”

— Nicole Lapin, New York Times bestselling author of Rich Bitch and Boss Bitch

“A powerful set of ruminations that are likely to hit many millennials of privilege where they live...and help start them on journeys that are likely to be both interesting and useful. Wise Millennial gives readers lots to think about.”

Len Schlesinger, President Emeritus-Babson College, Baker Foundation Professor, Harvard Business School


“Peter Darrow, who has been a friend for over ten years, has evolved through his life experiences to understand the depth and knowledge of what the millennial undertakes. His ability to adapt to new cities, lifestyles, and environments gives him the insight to help the young urban professional transition to changing times. Having started his own business and fostering its growth, Peter has undertaken new adventures that allow him to wisely advise on entrepreneurial endeavors. Building a brand and being the face of a business are two attributes that contribute to his acumen of wisdom. As a close personal friend, I can say that Peter's emotional intelligence is in tune with the young urban professional, and his kindness gives him the ability to empathize with young both men and women. I highly recommend his book that gives an outlook and perspective on how personal growth can lead to success.”

— Amy Brody Poliakoff, former cast member, Gallery Girls, Bravo TV

 “Peter Darrow has compelling advice for the millennial generation formed over his short, eventful life. Having known him from his earliest days, Peter has demonstrated resilience, inner wisdom, initiative, insight, integrity, and the drive he inherited from his father, as well as the immaturity, self-discovery, recklessness, and entitlement of his privileged Upper East Side background. Through it all, he has arrived at a place of introspection and inner peace that cries out to be shared with millennials across the spectrum. Everyone his age searches for answers to life’s challenges. Peter has something important to say about the quest.”

— George W. Madison, partner at Sidley Austin LLP and former general counsel, US Department of the Treasury

“Peter Darrow has a relentless curiosity that borders on irksome. At least that’s what I remember about being his middle school teacher at a tony East Side private school back in the mid-1990s. I have no doubt that persistence has served him well in life. I knew his father, too, as I often had to call home to discuss Peter’s classroom ‘enthusiasm.’”

— Taylor Mali, author of What Teachers Make: In Praise of the Greatest Job in the World, and four-time champion National Poetry Slam

“Contrary to popular belief, millennials have it rough. They aspire to do great things and are hard on themselves, but given the constant and accelerating pace of change, millennials are also a generation without clear role models. I know Peter Darrow well, and his candid story about privilege and hardship is in many ways a tale of his generation. A funny, honest, and inspiring read.”

— Ned Russell, Managing Partner, Healthcare, at MDC Partners and former global client leader, Publicis Groupe

“Peter and I are both native New Yorkers and know the particular culture of the Upper East Side with its pressures and expectations. As fellow millennials, we also share in our generation’s entrepreneurial spirit and desire to make a difference. What I’ve come to appreciate about Peter is his ability to articulate the millennial experience and his enthusiastic reminders, as we strive to achieve our dreams, about what really matters most in life.”

— Erin Frankel, cofounder of Jetsweat fitness app


“I was Peter’s personal nutritionist while he was in grad school. I later consulted for him when he opened his restaurant, Darrow’s Farm Fresh in Union Square, and I’ve continued to partner with him as we launch a supplement line to benefit people’s health. Along the way, Peter has inspired me with his energy, passion, and enthusiasm for life, health, and wellness. Despite his affluent, privileged upbringing, he has grown into a down-to-earth and authentic guy who cares deeply about sharing his hard-won insights into how to live well from the inside out.

— Julie Starr, nutritionist, wellness expert, owner of SHIFT supplements and Starr Yoga Studios


“A book that could help Peter’s fellow millennials is surely needed. Many successful baby boomers were consumed by the demands of their work and tried to make up for their absence from home by showering privileges on their children, starving them of discipline. This upbringing has made many of their children ill equipped for the challenges of today’s marketplace. If Peter can show through an accurate telling of his story how he was brought up, failed at a startup, and was then changed by his failures, then this could be a valuable book.”

— John Tepper Marlin, PhD, president and managing member of Boissevain Books